DÆZ is a radically new voice in fashion and design bringing alive a postmodern fantasy-world with a unique vision to help its wearers manifest their true selves.

Dreamt up by creators Zsofi Kormos and David A. Nagy, DÆZ produces thematic collections of sustainable fashion, homewear and design objects using high-quality, natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. 

DÆZ’s first capsule collection is a timeless, unisex line of streetwear meticulously handcrafted from Italian silk. Inspired by the designers’ shared roots in the post-soviet Eastern Europe of the 90’s and their backgrounds in fashion design and music, the result is an artful and distinct visual language that feels both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

All of our products are manufactured with the natural and social environment in mind.

#nowaste #fairwages #sustainablefashion